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The Mono

be it monologue, monotone, or monoatomic

Alison Stewart
22 August 1976
I'm living proof that life never turns out the way you expected, but that it doesn't mean you can't be happy. I've been a workaholic academic, had an invisible disability, gone through an identity shift, watched the death of my dreams, found new ones, rediscovered myself, and switched my life's focus from art to hard science to ag science. I've acted as counselor, teacher, confidante, poet, lover, and scientist.

After all this, I've become a fairly laid-back person with a strong streak of Crusader Rabbit. I'll try my hand at just about anything, given a good reason. And if I get that call at four in the morning, I'll still get dressed and drive fifty miles to pick up a friend stranded in the rain... because that's what life's really about.